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Brand Session in Farmingdale, NJ for Marketing and Instagram Coach Kelly Potts

Sometimes, I literally can’t believe that what I do is my JOB. From the moment I met Kelly over over our initial Zoom consult, I couldn’t WAIT to work with her. We had so many commonalities in our personality – big dreamers, go-getters, loved business, love podcasts, and PLUS – we even had the same website template so we were constantly saying we were website twins as she cheered on my new launch, and I’m getting ready to cheer on hers! I hope you enjoy this Brand Session in Farmingdale NJ!!

Kelly is a marketing and mindset coach, a podcast host, and a course creator of her (soon to be launched at the time of this writing) – Instagram Reels course! She’s the founder of Marketing Shift Co. where she helps new business owners eliminate the overwhelm of growing their dream business. She currently offers Strategy Sessions with Done-For-You Marketing Plans, will soon be offering her Instagram marketing course and will also be launching a mastermind later this year!! AHHHH literally all of those things are DREAM offers for any entrepreneur serious about growing their business.

Her brand session in Farmingdale NJ at the most AMAZING house, captured everything from her working on her laptop, to recording a podcast episode, to creating Instagram content, to just making sure we captured parts of her personality that are important to her!

Like every brand session, we started with a brand questionnaire where I asked Kelly a bunch of questions about her business. Here were some of my favorite question and answers:

What led you to this business? 

I have 8 years of experience in digital marketing and absolutely love the massive impact it can have for small businesses. I noticed a trend, though, of new business owners feeling totally overwhelmed by marketing their business and not knowing where to start. So I decided to study Life and Success Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, and combine that with my marketing expertise, to really help business owners see major transformations and growth in their business and themselves.

What is the heart of your business. If you’ve never thought of this yet, sit down and take a second to explain WHY you do what you do.

I believe that we all dream of creating something bigger — a business, a product, a routine, whatever it may be. The heart of my business is seeing women realize that dream can be their reality and guiding them on their journey.

What are your brand values?

Community – having massive goals and a big dream can feel lonely sometimes. I want to create a group of women who are connected by those dreams.

Education – I’m here to help women grow their business in a way that feels sustainable for the long-term.

Drive – the Marketing Shift community is full of ambitious women determined to achieve their goals

Fun – because what’s the point of building our dream business if it doesn’t bring us joy?! I’m all about balance!

At her session, I had a focus of wanting to ensure I captured all the “working shots” – AS WELL as some awesome and fun personality shots.  The way we planned it out was to be in multiple scenes, and I always like thinking through content ideas for blogs or Instagram posts to get specific shots when we’re at the session.  Here are some of the scenes we captured!

  1. Podcasting! We started off by capturing Kelly in her element, recording a podcast episode in the office! I love this scene so much and have now made it a goal to be on her podcast someday soon!
  2. Laptop work in the living room! Any entrepreneur these days has to have some good working shots on a laptop – sadly, so much of what we end up doing is on the computer, but I can guarantee there is no better backdrop than the amazing house we shot in!
  3. Cozy Morning Vibes. Since this house had the BEST kitchen I’ve ever seen, I really wanted to capture some cozy morning vibes with Kelly in leggings and t-shirt. She thre on her favorite Nirvana shirt and we got some morning work sesh and morning coffee shots that I LOVE.
  4. Mindset and Empowerment! Mindset is something Kelly talks about a lot in her content, so I wanted to capture that in a few different ways. One of my ideas was to capture her looking in the mirror, because so much of our mindset stems from how we view ourselves, and how we speak to ourselves. Another was journaling, and sharing some inspirations quotes!
  5. Cozy personal vibes! When me and Kelly had our strategy call for her session, we talked about some of the things that made her HER! A few of the things she mentioned was her record collection, and wearing tan hoodies all the time. Well – say no more! I knew I wanted to capture this in some way– so we got some adorable shots of her on the bed, going through her records in her cozy clothes! We also got some solo shots of her in her tan hoodie which are just so dang cute!
  6. Headshots! I knew I wanted to capture a plethora of headshots that Kelly would love in different outfits – from the dressier ones, to cozy ones, to casual badass boss babe ones, I wanted to capture headshots without props in every outfit and room! And MAN did that work out well! I am seriously obsessed with her headshots!!
  7. Webinar/opt-in page! Since Kelly is a marketing coach – naturally she’s going to be hosting things like webinars, or having free opt-ins to grow her email list. Kelly brought a letterboard that read: “Party Time! You’re in!” and we captured some fun shots of her with the sign for the thank you pages!

And that wrapped up our session!

I literally am so thrilled with the pure MAGIC we captured at this session and am already dreaming of the next time we can work together!!

Kelly – you are such a kindred spirit – from dreaming big, to pursuing fun and balance in business, to having a deep desire and drive to help women succeed… I love everything you stand for and literally can’t wait to continue watching your business grow!! I can’t wait to cheer you on SO HARD as you chase big dreams and conquer them with ease. 

Session Details: Brand Session in Farmingdale NJ for Kelly Potts of Marketing Shift Co.

House Rental: French Farmhouse

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