Education for creatives

Designed to help you make more money, live fully and work less.

Welcome friend!
If you’re here, you’re probably:

Like, really tired.
You're overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid (and shocked that those first two don’t solve that last one).

Laura Lee Creative is all about providing tools, resources and education that are simply made to help you make more money while working less. Through systems, workflows, courses, and so much more, you’re well on your way to a more successful business and fulfilling life.

(I’m the proof in the pudding, by the way, but more on that later.)

This is where I come in:

• To help you tame that unruly list of to-do’s that haunt your waking (and sleeping) hours,
• To reassure you that your dream job can not only be a part of your dream life, but it can also create a dream income.
• To not just spout inspiring things, but to teach you the skills to make them a reality.

You’re a photographer or creative entrepreneur feeling worn down from the hustle,
You’d like to spend less time with your computer and more time with your family and friends,
You’d also like to believe that you can grow your business to be wildly profitable without sacrificing all of your time (or sanity).
Freedom, balance, passion and adventure sound like mighty fine goals,
You prefer community to competition
You’re ready to fulfill your potential as a business owner, spouse, friend, daughter, son, puppy-owner, or fill-in-the-blank role.

You’re in the right place if:

You’re not in the right place if:

Your business is already running efficiently and you have plenty of balance
You’re a big, ‘ol commercial business
You leave ugly comments on other people’s Instagrams
You’re all about getting the leg up on others
You like being considered a ‘workaholic’

around here we value:

I want you to have the time to foster and grow all the relationships in your life, whether it’s with family, your spouse, your friends, your puppy, nature, your religion or yourself.


I believe in work-life balance (or flexibility) that allows you to pour time into the people and things you love most without sacrificing a successful business.


Community is the heart of everything I do and everything I love.  


You became an entrepreneur for a reason—and it wasn’t to spend all your time in front of a computer. My education is designed to give you the entrepreneurial freedom you desire and deserve.


This brand exists to help you breath a renewed passion into your business, and in turn, your life.


It is my goal to allow creative entrepreneurs to slow down enough to be grateful for every experience, bump in the road, accomplishment and relationship in their lives.


Plain and simple: the only way you can pour into others is if you first pour into yourself.  


Adventures are the best part of life in my eyes. These educational resources are designed to give you the time back in your life to go as many adventures as you desire.


Even worse?

I know this because I spent way too much of my career there. The truth that changed everything for me? There is a better way to do this work that you love—or used to love, or thought you’d love, or want to love again. There is a quicker, smarter, and more efficient way that leads to more balance which leads to more time doing things that make you happy (and, surprisingly, more success in your business). Because when you stop simply maintaining your business, you leave time to GROW your business.

My story is probably a lot like yours: I started in a corporate job that sucked away at my soul and took up all of my time > began shooting weddings on the weekends which only added to my crazy schedule > eventually went full time with my photography business believing that this dream job would be the key to my dream life. Except it wasn’t. 

Keeping your head above the water is not a lifestyle.

I was drowning in work, chained to my computer, with no time for all of the things I thought I’d have time for once I ran my own business

No real revenue to show for all of the hours I was pouring in. 

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Here is my story


So, in 2016, at the height of stress and desperation I got serious about workflow and systems for my upcoming wedding season. And something incredible happened—

I suddenly had hundreds of hours of my life back to spend with my favorite people and I wasn’t exhausted or anxious anymore. Even more incredibly, my business didn’t suffer at all—in fact, it did the opposite: I doubled my income. 

Because of the systems I had designed and implemented, I was able to cut my delivery time for client galleries down by 600%. This resulted in overjoyed clients referring me to all their friends.  

From client referrals alone that year, I booked over $60,000 in extra income.

So naturally, I started talking (to anyone who would listen) nonstop about workflow, systems, and productivity (hey, when something works, you want to rave about it,) and soon was known as the expert among my circle of friends and fellow creatives. I would have people over to sit by my firepit and discuss how to implement all of these things that had saved my business (and frankly, my relationships). 

This is where Laura Lee Creative was born.
Yes, around my favorite place - my firepit.

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This endeavor exists to empower photographers and creative entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and education they need to build a profitable business and fulfilling life.

So here’s to less work and more life...which turns out to be one of the best adventures of all.

Whether that’s more brunch dates, more trips across the globe, more days off, more spontaneity, more time with your family, or more time for self-care. All of these things do not have to go by the wayside just because you’re chasing a dream. Instead they can be part of the dream.

I want in!


Yes, please!


Tell me more!


a bit more about me...

My favorite thing in life is sitting out by my fire-pit with a glass of Riesling and a s’more in hand with friends and family surrounding me. I'm rarely ever found without a warm blanket wrapped around me, and if my wallet didn't frown upon it, I’d probably buy everything in Anthropologie Home and Free People.

I can do the worm. No Really, I can.

I have an array of terrible dance moves

and I could eat cheese for every meal. Let's be friends?

I am a lover of all things outdoorsy: mountains, lakes, forests, beaches, cliffs, you name it. I love hiking, paddle-boarding, scuba-diving, skiing and kayaking, amongst many other things and actually became cool enough to rock-climb this year. (Only once—but hey, gimme a break!)

A night by the firepit can turn around any bad day.

One can never have too many warm blankets.

Travel makes us richer than any amount of money ever could.

Having freedom and balance in your life and your business is possible.

There’s no such thing as too many succulents.

Having a beer on a glacier after a long day of skiing is THEE best thing about winter.

Avocado Jalapeno Margaritas count as a meal, and a superfood one at that.

Cheese should be it’s own food group, and there can never be too much.

Life is better with community, friendship, and wine. Always.

You are brave, you are capable, you are unique, you are powerful, you are beautiful, and you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. Truly.

Did we just become best friends?

- 10 Things I Believe -