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NJ and Naples, FL Brand & Product Photography for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

I like to consider myself to be a documentor of soul shine. My job, and my greatest passion is making your personality, work, products, and passions come to LIFE through photography and strategic brand storytelling. When this happens? It’s straight up MAGIC. There’s no other way to describe it.  As both a photographer, and a business coach, I bring a unique skillset to the table.  You’ll walk away from this experience with more confidence to show up consistently, empowerment to chase your dreams, resources to grow your business, and images that reflect who you are at your very core. (Not to mention, lots of other really cool things like increasing your income, making a bigger impact, and spreading more joy - but that’s just icing on the cake!)

I don’t just take pictures… I give your business SOUL.

brand photography that makes your soul shine.

Hi! I'm Laura– your new BFF, brand photographer, session strategist, behind the camera hype girl, and empowerment coach all in one.

Armed and ready with a pile of half drank coffee cups, my mission is to help purpose-driven and passionate entrepreneurs bring their heart, passion, ideas, products, and stories to the world.

As both a photographer, and a business coach who's helped THOUSANDS of business owners find more fulfillment, joy and freedom in their business, I know just how to bring your story to life in a way that is both strategic and purposeful.

I know, and YOU know, that what you have to offer the world is AMAZING. You are wildly passionate about what you do, you’ve got BIG dreams, and you’re ready to finally have the confidence, the clarity, and the images that represent just how amazing your products, services, and stories are.

But right now, maybe you’re hiding behind stock photos, poorly lit phone selfies, and duct-taped together “branding” and images that frankly aren’t cutting it anymore. They’re not helping you reach your ideal customer, they aren’t showcasing your business in the way you envisioned, and your confidence or readiness to show up consistently is dwindling because of it. (Not to mention, you just need CONTENT!)

But what if all that changed? 

With the right strategy and images, I can all but guarantee that your confidence, your income, your impact, and your connection with your audience will start to skyrocket - and thus, you'll find yourself with more financial freedom, more fulfillment in your business, happier and more connected customers, and more passion and courage to boldy chase your dreams.  

I know - it sounds like a tall order for a "photoshoot", but I've seen it happen time and time again. 

My clients call me the "dream activator" and have said that their photoshoots have landed amongst "one of the best days of their lives" and I don't take that lightly.  I LOVE what I do - and it will show in every part of our process working together. 

Let's make your dreams happen.

A Sampling of My Work:

The truth is...your story, and your work deserves to be showcased beautifully.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  My mission is simple - I want to make your SOUL shine. I want your ENTIRE brand- your personality, your work, your story, your PASSION and your products to shine because I believe that everyone, and every business, has a story worth telling beautifully.

My clients repeatedly BLOW me away with the incredible businesses they are building.  I am truly blessed to work with INCREDIBLY talented, purpose-driven and heart-centered business owners who truly LOVE what they do.  And my job is to capture all the love you have for your business and tell your story in a way that resonates deeply with your ideal clients, and showcases your work in the way it deserves.

Brand photography is so much more than just headshots... 

Your business should have images that not only represent what products and services your business provides, but ones that showcase the heart, the behind the scenes, and the passion behind why you do what you do.  When, and only when, you have the tools to show up confidently and consistently in your business, can you take it to the next level.  My job is to help you do just that.

From the get-go, I will make it my mission to understand the heart behind your business so we can create extraordinary moments together that tell your story in a way that makes you say “WOW, for the first time in my life, I feel empowered to shout my story from the rooftops. I can’t believe these are images of ME and my work!”

Are you ready for the magic that’s about to happen?

Ooo!! Take me to the contact form!!

I'll help you cast the vision, and then we'll make it a reality

a brand session with me is right for you if...

You are a purpose-driven, and heart-centered entrepreneur or small business owner that LOVES what they do.

You want to build a deeper connection with your ideal clients and create a brand presence that is unique to you.

You feel that your current pictures (or lack there of) don’t represent you or your business well.

Your "branding" is all over the place and your business doesn’t have a cohesive image that is easily identified.

You believe in community over competition.

You have big dreams and can’t wait for the world to see what you have to offer.

You’re ready to show up and level up your business with confidence and images that represent your passion-deeply.

Your business inspires people and improves the lives of your dream clients and makes the world a happier place.

You are in the lifestyle industry [Coaches, Podcasters, Bloggers, Shop Owners, Boutiques, Product Designers, Artists, Makers, Weddings, Food, Design, Interiors, Travel]

You need to create consistence, cohesive content for your new or already established business.

happy clients

brand session with tamara of chanson creative

"OMG LAURA!!!! When I tell you I am blown away AGAIN by how awesome these images look! And they're shots of me...ME!"

I know I made the right decision  to work with you! With your talent and through your lens, you captured the essence of myself that I didn't even know I possessed. 

I now have the confidence to share with the world who I am as a creative entrepreneur and what I have to offer. You've equipped me with an arsenal of professional images that reflect my brand. Yes, MY own brand! 
Thank you again Laura! Look out, these photos are about to be everywhere! 

shae stone,
red maple vineyard brand session

"I don't even know how I can express my gratitude to you."

"LAURA!!! WOOOOWWWW!!! OMGGGG they are amazing!! I don't even know how I can express my gratitude to you for capturing Red Maple at this point in time so beautifully and for getting me in front of the camera in a place that means so much to be on all levels of my being. Every image is so stunning and moving. 

I have so much love and gratitude for you girl. Thank you for the inspiring work you are doing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This means so much to me." 

This could be you....

kelly francis, life coach brand session

"I can honestly say that the day of my photoshoot was one of the best days of my life."

Laura really takes her time to get to know you and puts way more thought into a photoshoot than just showing up with a fancy camera and taking pictures.

 As someone who is not photogenic and hates having my picture taken, I can honestly say that the day of my photoshoot was one of the best days of my life. It was so blissful and special because Laura put so much thought into creating an extraordinary moment that I wished never had to end.

Laura isn't just a photographer, she's a magical human being. As an entrepreneur, you are your brand and if you need to capture that with pictures, there is no reason to look any further than Laura. I'm filled with gratitude for my beautiful photo gallery and the experience I had and look forward to working with Laura again in the future!

Types of Brand Photography We Offer:
Lifestyle, Product, or Both!

We absolutely love the wide range of people we get to serve with brand photography. Ultimately, we just freakin' LOVE people who are passionate about what they do. Whether you are a service provider, an entrepreneur, a maker, a creative, a product designer, a shop owner, a coach, or something else, our mission is to make who you ARE, what you DO, and what you CREATE, absolutely SHINE. I like to say: "your job is to bring the passion and the job is to make your soul and your work shine."

Read below to learn more about the two different types of sessions we offer!

We love passionate people

Lifestyle Sessions

making your soul shine

Nothing lights me up more than strategizing with business owners about the visual story we’re going to create.  I love lifestyle sessions because we get to go behind the scenes in your business and document the passion and purpose behind it all. Your story unfolds in front of my camera, and we document everything from new, branded headshots (not the studio kind!), from you working, (whether that be painting, foraging in a forest, baking, sketching, woodworking, pottery making, or anything in between) to showcasing your final product or service (when applicable). 

Available in 1, 2, or 4 hour sessions
(Additional hours can be requested a la carte)

Lifestyle sessions are absolutely perfect for:

Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Podcasters

Influencers, Bloggers, Content Creators

Photographers, Interior Designers, Brand Designers

Wellness Professionals, Nutritionists, Health Professionals

Makers, Artists, Florists, Planners, Venues

Models, Authors, Bakers, Chefs and SO MUCH MORE

Product Sessions

It is AMAZING what great photography can do when it comes to showcasing your products. I love strategizing ways to invoke a mood and depict a certain style with your product photos, so they truly represent your brand and connect with your ideal client. From backgrounds, to color schemes, to props, and complimentary elements, we will create the perfect story line for your product photography so your website will wow your potential clients the moment they hit your home page.

If you’re ready to set yourself apart, this is for you!

making your work shine

Available monthly,
bi-monthly, quarterly,
bi-annually, or one-off

product sessions are absolutely perfect for:

Gift & Product Designers

Artists, Florists, Shop Owners

Boutique Owners, Etsy Shop Owners

Ceramic Artists, Macrame Artists, Product Curators

Makers, Bakers, Chefs, Foodies

Jewelry Designers, Stationery Designers, and Fashion Designers

(And just about anyone with a product to sell!)

-gina ramos, brand client

"One of the extra benefits from this experience that I had no idea would come out of the process was a boost of self-confidence and entrepreneurial empowerment. Laura truly champions and cares for her clients - she is invested and supports you throughout the process. "

Click on any of the images below to see a collection of images from their gallery!

Course Creators
Podcasters and Speakers
Gift and Product Designers
Health Practitioners
Interior Designers 

Wedding Planners
Fashion Designers 
Coffee Shops
Shop Owners
Wedding Venues
Wellness Pros
Online Business Managers
Travel Consultants
Creative Business Owners
Subscription Box Businesses

Brand, Graphic and Web Designers
Writers and Authors
Furniture Designers
Jewelry Designers
Fashion Boutique Owners
Stationery Designers
Food Bloggers and Makers
Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries
Etsy Shop Owners
Models and Aspiring Models
Professional Organizers

The types of people we love working with:

I'm ready!! Take me to the contact form!!

First things first: I wanna hear your business, and your big dreams!  Filling out the contact form on my site is the first step! I want to get excited about all the potential that lies ahead for your business when it comes to showcasing your brand beautifully!  Your contact form really helps set the stage for our call!

After I review your contact form, we'll hop on a complimentary discovery call to get to know each other and make sure we jive and discuss the vision for your shoot!  I'll share more about the process, we'll choose a session date, and we'll get giddy about making your photoshoot dreams a reality!

After you've signed your contract, you get to spill your heart out into your brand session questionnaire. This will be the foundation for everything we do when it comes to planning your session location, photo scenes, mood board, colors, shot list, and everything in between!

After you've completed your questionnaire, me and my team will get to work on ALL the planning and logistics for your session.  We'll send you a mood board, shot list, color palette, location ideas, content ideas, and more! Then, we'll hop on a call to finalize these details and make sure we've nailed it.

To put it bluntly, the day of your shoot is truly going to be the best freakin' day ever. We'll laugh, we'll cry (kidding-maybe) and we'll capture AMAZING shots of you.  My clients call me the behind the camera hype girl and empowerment coach all in one, and you'll be wishing the day would never end!

This is the best part.  Complete awe from my clients when they look at their galleries and can't believe these are photos of THEM.  It's amazing for you AND for me to see your story and your passion come to life through your photos, and you'll finally be able to see the limitless potential you've had all along.


On average, our clients invest between $1450-$2650 on their personal brand photography experience. Starter packages are also available.

I'm so ready! Take me to the contact form!

i'm looking for a "mini" session with just a handful of photos for my website!

inquire here!

get on the mini session waitlist

i'm interested in working together, but have a smaller budget than your average

inquire for a starter package!

it's time you stepped into your full potential.

I am so excited about what's possible for you.

You can't afford to keep piecing together mismatched photos and non-strategic content.

Because it's:

- Keeping you from connecting with the clients who need what you have to offer
- Holding you back from the financial abundance that is waiting for you.
- Not helping you or anyone else with the impact that you were born to make.
- Keeping you from the freedom, fulfillment, and dream life and business you deserve.

Building the business and the life that you want requires betting on yourself– and betting on yourself requires investing in your growth.

So - you can keep hiding behind stock photos and poorly-lit phone selfies and photos... you can keep not showing up in your own brand, keep duct-taping your brand strategy together with mismatched photos and having little to no content that represents YOU ... Or you can dive in - get both feet wet, and find the confidence to show up and level up your business and your brand presence  with me by your side. 

ready to:

Build a brand that represents YOU, your story, and your passion...

Show up with confidence to the world...

Have beautiful photos that showcase your work, your products, and you, beautifully and purposefully...

Grow your business beyond what you thought was possible...

Then it's time to apply for a brand session.


Fill Out Your Contact Form!

Not everyone is the right fit for a full brand session experience, and sometimes, it's just that one of my other services might work better for your stage in business!   The contact form and then your complimentary consultation call will help us determine if we're the perfect fit to work together!  

I'm ready!! Take me to the contact form!!

-Kelly francis, life coach

"As an entrepreneur, you are your brand and if you need to capture that with pictures, there is no reason to look any further than Laura."

wanna know more about me?

I'm just your typical multi-passionate Enneagram 7.

I think the reason why me and brand photography are the perfect match is because I'm passionate about purpose-driven, passionate people, and passion itself. (How many times can I say passion in one sentence, huh?)  The truth is - when I started working with small business owners, coaches, creatives and brands, I found purpose in my work getting to see their soul shine as they shared their business dreams and aspirations with me.  It is a true HONOR to be able to document that kind of passion.  So I'm here - ready to help you show up and level up YOUR business with purposeful photos that bring your story, your passion, and your ideas to life.

yes! let's do it!