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Are you ready to get your business organized and streamlined so you can stop spinning your wheels?

Hi! I'm Laura

My team and I help overwhelmed business owners get off the hot mess express and get their business organized with workflows and systems. Because the cold hard truth? Your growth is inhibited when your capacity is maxed out.

Ooof, did that gut punch you like it did me the first time it bopped me on the head? Friend - I know that the business you’ve created lights you up inside. I also know that you’ve put your heart and soul into it, and you love what you do.

But there’s definitely been a time or two where your business has overwhelmed you to the point of tears (especially in the busy seasons!) 

You want to feel more organized, get your business streamlined and have workflows set up and FLOWIN' so you can get back to livin' your life and lovin' on your clients. 

But here’s the problem:

You honestly, A) have no clue where to even start with creating a workflow and getting things automated, and B) You don’t have time for a huge project like that. (Who are we kidding, you’ve barely got time to make lunch half the time!)

You’re ready to get things automated, get your CRM optimized to actually work FOR you instead of being a source of anxiety every time you log in, and you're ready to reclaim your time once and for all.

Pssst....running a business can be easier than you're making it out to be.

Armed with a pile of half-drank cups of coffee, my team and I are on a mission to help burnt-out and overwhelmed small business owners and creatives get organized so they can reclaim their time, their lives, and their passion for their business.  Through our Done-For-You custom workflow creation to our DIY courses and templates, we've got your back.

And let me just say... as a "monkey-brained" enneagram 7– workflows, systems and organization didn't exactly come naturally to me.  But in order to keep track of my ever-growing business(es), client projects, and big ideas, those things became a NECESSITY if I was ever going to grow a sustainable and thriving business that didn't require me to work around the clock.

Now - with systems and workflows in place I'm able to run 3 businesses  without working 24/7 like I used to running just 1.  And now? Well me and my small but mighty team just can't wait to help you get organized and streamlined so you can continue focusing on your purpose and the important people in your life. Let's get your business streamlined so you can finally have FREEDOM, shall we?

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a custom approach to your business systems

My team and I understand that every business is different.  That's why our Done-For-You workflow services are totally custom to YOURS and your CLIENTS needs.

A workflow and a system isn't just a list of tasks or a couple of emails.  Your workflows should help you run your business better, cut your work time down DRASTICALLY, give your clients a better experience, make marketing easier, give you freedom, make you more confident as a business owner, and be valuable for both you as the business owner, and your clients as the recipient. (We know, it's a tall order!)

Your workflows will include every single task, email, questionnaire, brochure, and client touch point you need to complete from the beginning of your client journey (their inquiry!) all the way down to the final email.

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We'll show up, reheated coffee in hand, ready to get you off the hot mess express and get your business organized with workflows and systems.

Our mission is to help you get back to the parts of your business you LOVE, so you can keep on growing your business without burning out. Our done-for-you clients who dive right into their systems have seen time savings of up to 75% from the way their business was running before.  Just think about the endless possibilities you'd have if you had that kind of time.

While we do love a good organizational system, our heart for this centers around people.  We want you to build amazing relationships with your clients because of the work we do together, AND get back to dating your spouse, being a more present parent, having time for self-care, and taking time off from your business - guilt free.

If your business is taking over your life, it doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way...

here's what you can expect working with our team:

Custom workflows created for your unique business and client needs

Every piece of your workflow implemented into your CRM, so all you have to do is press "start"

Creative solutions to make your business more efficient from client inquiry to last touchpoint

Getting your freakin' life back and finally feeling FREEDOM from the hustle...

A business that almost runs itself...

A more efficient, organized, and streamlined business - therefore a less frazzled and stressed out YOU...

More leads booking because of your new inquiry workflow...

A better client experience built into your workflow...

Getting more done in less time than you EVER have...


Jen Larsen Photography
done-for-you-workflow client

"I've saved so much mental space since working with Laura and her team."

Simply put, Laura and her team are workflow geniuses! Before working with Laura I didn't have a streamlined way to keep track of where all of my clients were in their workflows, so I had lots of post-it notes, and mental notes about where everything stood, and it was hard to keep track! Now that I have this incredibly thorough workflow implemented for all my clients, I can quickly and easily reference and keep track of all my clients' workflows, without taking up all the extra brain space of trying to remember it all.  I would highly recommend contacting Laura, for any photographer or small business owner trying to get organized and streamline their workflows! 

Ashley Gerrity -Wedding photographer workflow strategy client

"I can't see any reason why a business owner wouldn't benefit from working with Laura and her team." 

After just a few hours working with Laura and her team, we had built out a robust workflow in our CRM that gives us a daily play by play of the tasks that need to be done in order to run an incredibly efficient studio.  Laura is not only a valuable resource, but she takes the time to offer personalized follow up and has been truly invested in how our new systems have improved our work life.

Our studio will be managing over 60 weddings, dozens of portraits, and a smattering of commercial jobs, yet I have the time to take monthly trips, hang out with my husband & dogs, and prioritize self-care above all else. I can't see any reason why a photographer wouldn't benefit from working with Laura on workflow. 

This could be you....

Deanna Weyhrich - Birth Photographer

"It's so exciting to feel organized."

I am seeing so many time savings since having you implemented and created my workflows! It's so exciting to feel organized; once all my tasks are done, I can move on with my day and not feel like I am supposed to be doing something and not know what it is.  

I had two inquiries, and one booking right after our last meeting, so I have been able to use the workflows and I absolutely love it!!! Thank youuu!!!


First things first: Tell us about your business and where you're currently at when it comes to having things organized and streamlined!  We want to know what type of business you run, and what your biggest needs are so we can support you with a custom experience!

After we review your contact form, you'll hop on a complimentary discovery call with our lead workflow strategist, Bridget! She'll share more about the process, we'll choose a start date, and we'll talk about how you can actually make your business organization dreams a reality.

After you've signed your contract, you get to braindump the big parts of your process for us to dissect and put into your workflow.  We'll prompt you with the questions we need answers to in order to build you a custom workflow that delivers value to you AND your clients. 

After that, you'll schedule your first 60 minute kick-off call with your project manager! On this call we'll take all your info from your questionnaire, and we'll ask any follow up questions we have to clear up before we begin designing your workflow.  You simply need to answer questions, and we'll take a TON of notes.

Using our signature 8-step workflow process, we'll create the first major draft of your workflow for you.  It will be an
A-Z workflow that outlines every task, email, questionnaire, meeting, client gift, etc. that you need to do from inquiry to final client touchpoint. Then, we'll hop on another call to review it with you!

If you opt for our full service package, once your workflow is finalized, we'll get to work on creating all of your email templates, questionnaires, and other docs you need in your workflow. Then, we'll review these with you on another call! *Note, creating these templates isn't included in our partial service package*

Once your workflow and assets are signed off on, we'll jump into your CRM to input everything. Yup - you don't have to do a thing. We'll input your workflows, email templates, questionnaires, contracts, proposals - anything you contracted us to input, and we'll get your account fully set up and ready to rock.

The best part - once everything is input into your account, you'll hop on your final 2 hour coaching call with Bridget or your workflow project manager, and we'll train you on exactly how to use it, optimize it, add it to your projects, make tweaks, edit tasks, edit emails, and so on. You'll be a pro in no time flat.

After you've had a few weeks to poke around and use your new workflows and task management tools in your CRM, we can book extra calls if you need additional support on an a la carte basis.  Many of our clients desire extra "systems coaching" to help them streamline other areas of their business at this point too.


"The knowledge, passion, and expertise that Laura and her team has is incomparable! Their desire for others to live a fulfilling life that doesn't require a 40+ hour work week in front of a computer screen has given me so much freedom both personally and professionally! It is possible to live more and work less, and Laura and her team have given me the tools to do so!"

it's time you finally took back your time

I am so excited about what's possible for you.

You can't afford to keep spinning your wheels.

Because spinning your wheels and staying unorganized is...

- Keeping you from the time freedom available to you as a small business owner

- Hindering you from business growth

- Causing you constant overwhelm and stress that can be solved so easily

Building the business and the life that you want requires betting on yourself– and betting on yourself requires investing in your growth.

So - you can keep spinning your wheels, not gaining traction, trying to figure things out on your own the long, slow and hard way. Or you can dive in - get both feet wet, and grow your business faster, easier, and with more freedom than ever before with the Laura lee Creative team by your side.

ready to:

Get your CRM automated from tip to tail...

Have workflows and systems that make running your business EASY...

Reclaim your free time...

Finally kick overwhelm to the curb and get off the hot mess express...

Then it's time to apply for your spot on our calendar.

*ALL of our proposals are custom tailored to YOUR needs.*

Below you'll find our average investment for full service implementation, but everything we do is custom tailored to your businesses needs and the complexity of the project. If you need partial implementation, systems coaching a la carte, or simply a workflow audit to see if you've got it nailed down, we can tailor our proposal to exactly what you need.


On average, our clients invest $2000-$3500 for Full Service Implementation

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After we receive your contact form, a member of our team will hop on a call with you to discuss the process and send a custom proposal! If we think one of our other services is a better fit after our call, we'll direct you to the best option for your needs! 

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-britt and kelsey, launch your daydream

“If you're On the fence, let us just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

wanna know more about our founder, laura?

I'm just your typical multi-passionate Enneagram 7.

I used to spend ALL my time spinning my wheels, reinventing the wheel every time I got a new client, and hustlin' my butt off to try and keep track of everything.   It wasn't until I created my first workflow and some streamlined systems in my business that my life and business truly started to change.  Implementing them gave me balance, freedom, more joy running my business, more confidence, and better personal relationships cause I actually had time for the people in my life.  So I'm here - ready to help you get YOUR business organized once and for all so you can experience the same freedom and BLISS that I, and so many of our clients have.

yes! help me get my business organized!