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Workflows, systems, productivity, and business organization is our JAM.  My team and I know how hard it can be to run a business. You have a LOT of balls in the air at all times.  OUR job is to make YOUR job easier so you can back to the parts of your business you're passionate about, and get back to living your LIFE.  We create and teach about workflows and systems so you can build a business you love that doesn't burn you out.

Are you ready to stop feeling like a hot mess when it comes to running your business?

Running a business is hard work. My team and I are here to help you do it faster, easier and more streamlined than you ever thought possible so you can TRULY have balance in your life.  It's time you finally got organized so you can feel what it's like to truly have the freedom you wanted as an entrepreneur.  We'll help you be more productive, less overwhelmed, deliver a better client experience, and run your business in half the time it takes you right now. 

HEre's how we can help:


workflow and systems courses

For established business owners looking for a custom workflow tailored to their business and clients' needs.

digital resources in the freedom shop

For creative entrepreneurs looking for plug and play workflow, email and time saving templates for their business.

custom workflow creation and implementation

The route for creatives who want to understand how to truly make their business run like a well oiled machine in every facet.

Workflow Creation and Implementation

Has "create workflow" or "figure out how the heck to make a workflow" been on your list for a little too long? Are you failing to use your CRM to the best of it's ability? Do you lack a streamlined backend of your business, leaving you feeling frazzled all the time?

We've got your back! Our workflow creation and implementation service from the Laura Lee Creative team is our most hands on service to help you get your entire workflow created CUSTOM for you, AND set up in your CRM so your business can run like a well oiled machine! Sound like what you need? Click below to find out more!



THE KIND OF RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT from our custom workflow process:

A business that almost runs itself...

A more efficient, organized, and streamlined business - therefore a less stressed out YOU...

More leads booking because of your new inquiry workflow...

Getting your freakin' life back and finally feeling FREEDOM from the hustle...

A better client experience built into your workflow...

Getting more done in less time than you EVER have...

Custom workflows and systems tailored to yours and your clients needs

Business GROWTH because you have the time to work ON your business


Workflow and Systems Courses

the diy route: courses For Photographers and Creatives

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm, end the hustle and late nights, and finally find freedom from your never ending to-do list?   I get it - running a business is HARD FREAKIN WORK.  But my job is to make it easier.  The cold hard truth is: if you don’t set your business up to work SMARTER, get ORGANIZED, and run SMOOTHER with LESS EFFORT on your part, you’ll constantly be chasing your tail and waiting for busy season to end so you can finally catch your breath.  But if you're ready to get your life back and run your business like a well oiled machine, our systems courses have all the answers.


THE KIND OF RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT from our workflow courses:

A-Z systems that teach you how to run your business easier and more streamlined than ever before

Your inbox is full of happy mail: 5-star testimonials from over-the-moon clients, AND tons of new inquiries

You’re making more money while working less time.

You finally feel great about your client experience

You’re actually not a frazzled, overwhelmed hot-mess when it comes to running your business

Your workflows, email templates, questionnaires all given to you to implement into your CRM so you can run the backend of your biz on near auto-pilot and get back to the creative parts you love.

You’re finally not making personal sacrifices for the sake of your business

Dare I say - you actually have work life balance

You're not working around the clock anymore

check out our courses

"One of the best investments I’ve made in the 10 years of running my wedding photography business."

Tina K.

took a one month sabbatical after completing the photography workflow mastery course

Since implementing what I learned in this course, it feels as if my business almost runs itself! Literally, out of all the education I have purchased, this was by far the easiest to get through and provides actionable steps to actually get it done. Overall, I am more productive, more motivated, my clients are happier, and I have been given back this precious gift called time. Thank you, Laura :)

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Laura Elizabeth

"Three weeks ago there was nothing but anxiety attacks...but today I jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to start my day."

 So please..... if you have any more courses up your sleeve..... keep going!!!! I mean.... just module 1 alone.... that to me was worth every penny of the full course! On vacation I booked a wedding because of your email templates, and I'm going to use that money to book mine and my fiance's honeymoon!

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Are you ready to get your workflows set up, streamline your client communication, have more time to work on the creative parts of your business, run your business easier, have a better client experience, and ultimately run a business that gives you FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT? The Freedom Shop is our one-stop-shop for creatives and small business owners looking to work less, make more money, and live their best life as they run businesses they love.  Browse our workflows, email templates, courses, tools, and digital downloads designed to help make running your business easier.


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done-for-you time saving templates and resources for creatives


Never get so



you forget

to make a 




Steal this!

The Freedom Framework: 

7 lessons to create more joy, ease, freedom, and abundance in your business and life.

Just quitting your day job for your dream business doesn't necessarily mean you'll have freedom in your life.  Grab my free guide on the foundational lessons I learned after growing 3 businesses so you can have more freedom with your time, finances, lifestyle, purpose and creativity as you build a business you love. 

"This is the most encouraged I have felt in a long time about having more time and not being chained to my laptop. I want to date my husband again and go to bed before 1:00am and not always feel this guilty feeling of "I have so much to do". And because of you and this course, I will get to do that."

-Beth Hill,
Photography Workflow Mastery Course Student


Simply put, Laura is a workflow genius! Not only did working with Laura and her team on my workflows save me mental space, but it also helped to improve my client experience! And streamline my entire business! I would highly recommend contacting Laura, if you're a small business owner trying to get organized and streamline your workflows! 

-Jennifer larsen,
Custom workflow client


"Laura, YOU ARE A GODSEND!!! I finally input all of the templates in your course and started the workflow for my wedding clients and have already gotten multiple emails that they are blown away with my communication and have appreciated the extra efforts of checking in and sending vendor recs. GOSH! This year is going to be amazing and I feel a major weight lifted off my shoulders already!! Thank you!!"

photography workflow mastery course student


let's do this

Overwhelmed and Frazzled Business Owners right this way! If you're ready to finally get organized and run a business that doesn't run you, click the button below to take the first step to work together for custom workflow creation and implementation or systems coaching with a member of our team! We can't wait to meet you!!

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