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Pic-Time Gallery Software for Photographers: Using Pic-Time’s Shop Feature

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Alright friends.  Buckle up cause I’m about to get really excited about the new gallery software I’ve been using for about two years now (I guess that makes it not so new)

Enter: Pic-Time

Pic-Time is an online gallery system used by professional photographers to provide digital images to their clients. We use it for sending out portrait galleries, engagement galleries, wedding galleries, and just to house all my personal photos as well. And let me tell you – I am OBSESSED. I have been using it for at least a year (probably more but who’s counting?) and it has made delivering galleries so so easy and beautiful! 

Today, I want to talk about the amazing Shop feature.

Pic-Time’s shop feature is downright amazing. There is a shop attached to every gallery where clients are able to see their photos on prints, canvases, albums and so much more! It makes selling prints so much easier because most clients don’t have the ability to envision what their images are going to look like once they’re printed.  Do they want a matte? Or a frame? What about a wood frame vs a white frame? Should they get an 8×10 or an 11×14? Does luster look better than matte paper?

So many questions! But Pic-Time’s shop feature negates these questions from popping up because the customer can actually see what their products will look like once they’re in their hands!

When they first enter the shop page it looks like this:

You can create your product options custom based off of what you want your clients to buy as well!  If you want to offer wedding clients different products than your portrait clients you can even have two pricing sheets! 

Once the client clicks on a product to view their options, it looks like this:

As you can see, they can see all their photos at the bottom, pick their size, matte style, frame style, crop their photo, and more! This is the frame option, but it would look the same for every product you click on! 

Here’s an example of the calendar:

Recommendations for Using the Shop:

  1. Customize your pricing based on the profit margins you want
  2. Only include products you LOVE so you don’t overwhelm your clients with too many options
  3. Try to keep it to as few labs as possible – you can connect many different print laps to your account giving you the option of getting prints and products from multiple places.  Make sure that your similar products are coming from the same place so if clients place orders for multiple different size prints, they are all coming at once vs coming from two different labs! I made that mistake when I started using the shop!
  4. Send coupons out during the holidays! I’ll write a whole post about this soon on how to run a print sale using Pic-Time! We ran one for Father’s Day and made almost $1000.00 on autopilot! It was amazing and my clients got great gifts for their dad’s! That’s a post for another day!
  5. Create short videos using Loom (A free Chrome plugin) showing your clients what products you recommend for them! Walk them through how to do it so they can see the products and their pictures in action! Not everyone will go to the shop without being shown how to do so.

Concluding Thoughts on Pic-Time

If you’re a photographer and don’t have Pic-Time I highly recommend it! You can start with a free trial and watch your business transform.  I started getting so many more print sales when I switched to Pic-Time because of the interface and ease of the shop feature, and I know you can do the same! You won’t be disappointed!

PS. If you use my referral link you’ll get 2 free months from Pic-Time! I so appreciate you using my referral links so I can continue creating free content on the blog for you!

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