How I Stepped Into My Role of a Visionary After Working With a Virtual Assistant

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Becoming a Visionary

This post honestly gives me all the feels because I am so IMMENSELY grateful for my incredible team.  Since the day I started my creative business, I have been dreaming of big ideas! Whether it’s a new product to help manage systems more efficiently or in-person workshops or even 250+ person events, I’m constantly writing jotting out new ideas on every piece of paper or notebook I can find.  I like to consider myself what they call a Visionary.



adjective: visionary

  1. (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
    “a visionary leader”


Sadly though, when I started my business, it was just me, myself and I, and because I didn’t have the capacity to take on any more work at the time, these ideas never made it past my notebooks. The never-ending daily tasks and client deliverables took up all the space in my business, leaving me with little time to implement big goals and dreams.  Until I decided to hire a team…

Everything changed when I began working with Rock Solid Virtual Assistants

I hired my first virtual assistant from Rock Solid Virtual Assistants in 2017 and everything in my business changed almost immediately! I remember the first work conversation I ever had with my now assistant about a dream I had for a retreat for creative entrepreneurs.  

Our first conversation went something like this:

I dream of 12 women sitting around a campfire. Sharing stories. Getting deep. Sharing their dreams, their struggles, their passions.  It smells like campfire and s’mores. It feels like the wind between your ears, and sounds like laughter. It looks like a floppy hat with ankle high leather boots.  It’s in a mountainous area in a beautiful home filled with light. I want to teach them what it’s like to put their life before their business. How to find balance. How to manage their time.  Create workflows and systems. How to create content plans. How to define their values and their dream life. This conversation was likely 3 hours long but that sums up what I shared with her.

Within hours of our meeting, Bridget created a full timeline and task list for everything that we needed to accomplish in the next 9 months (yes, every task for NINE straight months)! This sparked a fire in me that allowed me to take the dreams that only existed in my journal and start to envision them as realities. 

It ignited the passion inside me and gave me the energy to shift into a visionary role in my business, slowly but surely. 

Now having someone by my side who was able to help me bring my big dreams to the finish line, the opportunities were endless! 

In a day to day capacity, we started slow with delegating tasks.

We thought it would be smart to learn the best ways to work together – delegating tasks slowly to not let her get overwhelmed with #allthethings I wanted to hand off and coming up with a strategy to turn my big dreams into reality. 

One of the best things we ever did together was to have a conversation about what we loved to do – defining each of our individual zones of genius! Turns out, there are people out there who love spreadsheets and long term planning…this was my VA (Bridget :)! 

After a successful Fireside Retreat, we started dreaming bigger.

Enter the Move Mountains Retreat. In collaboration with my biz bestie Jordan Jones, we were able to host not one but two Move Mountains Retreats in 2019! And when I tell you that Bridget was INTEGRAL in making these two retreats happen, I mean: I literally could not pull them off without her.

Not only did she help with the backend work, but her strategic planning and launch ideas are always amazing, and her execution in running the actual event for 4 days is beyond incredible.  Logistics are her jam, and her strengths allow me to step into mine.

“Her strengths allow me to step into mine.”

And we’re not stopping there.

The dreams for the future of my business are just beginning to blossom! With Bridget by my side, I am able to draw up plans for even grander events where I can pour into other creatives with my teachings and business values! 

Next year, we’ve mapped out our biggest undertaking yet. A new brand, a fresh idea for what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and a 250+ person camp where all the transformation and teachings will take place! 

Find Your Freedom is a brand that is redefining what it takes to be an entrepreneur, focusing on the WHOLE person behind the business, not just money or bookings or social media followers. It’s about taking a sustainable and holistic approach to life as an entrepreneur. 

Living your best life without feeling burdened by your passions. 

Without my team, this dreaming for a better world of entrepreneurs might not have ever been implemented into reality. And to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have dreamt this big in the first place if I didn’t think I had a team to back me up with it.  

I could not be more grateful and excited for the future of Laura Lee Creative and Find Your Freedom because I have someone in my corner. Someone by my side supporting me as I work through a new idea. Someone by my side to help tease out all the details needed to make something become a reality. Someone by my side who is a friend, who is investing in my future and who sees the world of entrepreneurship through the same lense. 

I wish this feeling for all creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking for a teammate to take their business visions to the next level! 

Virtual Assistant are not just people that “answers emails and schedules meetings”.  While yes, they can take those day to day tasks off your plate for you SO THAT you can dream your bigger dreams,  they can have such an integral part of your team if you let them in.

I want to send a special thank you to one of our long-time retreat sponsors (and source for amazing VA’s like Bridget), Rock Solid Virtual Assistants. The RSVA team works tirelessly to ensure that they have the best quality VA’s in the industry through rigorous interviews and tests. Then, they match each client individually with the right VA for their business. I could not be happier to have found Rock Solid Virtual Assistants for my business! 

If you’re looking to have someone in your corner so you can dream bigger and accomplish the extraordinary, don’t walk, RUN on over to the Rock Solid website and get your consult scheduled! You won’t be disappointed.

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