Every time I post a picture of me and Scott on Instagram, it receives more likes than anything on my feed!  Last time I posted, I asked if people were interested in me starting a blog series about our story. I have to say, it’s a really good story. So today! We’re starting with Part […]

The First Time Scott and I Met: It All Began in the Passport Line | Laura and Scott Files Part 1

Me and Scott

The first time scott and I met - personal story
the best 7 moments since starting my business


It’s crazy to think that this February, I celebrated my 4 year anniversary of starting my LLC. I started photographing weddings in 2013. But, it wasn’t until six months after my first two weddings that I established my LLC. Since then, it’s been an unbelievably wild ride! Today, I want to share my best 7 […]

The Best 7 Moments Since Starting My Business


The Top 10 Favorite Adventures


  I remember when I quit my full time job as an interior designer…I was trying to explain to my boss that there were “no hard feelings”.  I remember leaving my last meeting with him, walking into the elevators and saying to myself “I just can’t work somewhere that only gives me 10 days a […]

My Top 10 Favorite Adventures

Travel and Adventure


  Alright friends, I thought it was time to share the story of how Laura Lee Creative came to be.  This was never something I expected would be the next step for me.  I was never someone who dreamt of becoming an educator or creating courses, or speaking or anything like that. To be honest, […]

The Story of Laura Lee Creative – A Series of Events

My Story

The Story of Laura Lee Creative

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