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Yaris Mason Brand Mini Session | NJ Brand Photographer

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Ohhh my GOSH you guys!! I quite possibly have never been so excited to share a personal brand session with you. My session with Yaris Mason – aspiring plus sized model, was SO FREAKIN FUN for me. It was almost like a little break from my normal session style since I didn’t have to pose Yaris at all! She just ROCKED IT – and this was her FIRST TIME doing a shoot!  Since Yaris’ dream is to be a plus sized model, she needed digitals to send to agencies – so a lot of what we shot was her against a plain backdrop, and wow – never have I ever loved a white wall so much. 

I met Yaris at another session of mine a few months earlier when she agreed to be a stand in model for Kelly – who needed photos of her coaching someone! That session was also one of my favorites, and you miiiiight want to check it out 😉 You can do that HERE! Kelly convinced her to inquire with me and get photos taken, and wow – I couldn’t be more thankful! (Kelly – if you’re reading this – THANK YOU!) 

ANYWAY – Back to the session! From the second Yaris got in front of the camera I was blown away. I didn’t have to say a word because she just crushed it with the posing and her confidence was just astounding and was so beautiful to watch happen. She was so warm, inviting, happy and just loving being in the front of the camera! She really wanted me to capture her natural curly hair and her wearing glasses for a few photos too, cause that’s so HER, and wow – I can’t believe how much fun it was. How many times is too much to say that?.She is absolutely gorgeous and I am in awe over these photos!! She radiated so much joy!

YARIS! You are a bundle of sunshine – if any modeling agency ever said “no thank you” they’d be idiots. (No offense to them!) I hope modeling is something that takes you very far and fulfills your life! <3

Also PS – if you are a modeling agency and are reading this HIRE YARIS! Cause she’s the best. =)
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