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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Client Experience

3 simple ways to improve your client experience
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3 simple ways to improve your client experience

Word of mouth referrals is the gold standard for generating new inquiries and marketing your business. And it’s so simple. A past client tells a friend (hopefully lots of friends) about their amazing client experience with YOU. And bam 💥without spending a single dollar on marketing, you just received your next inquiry. 

So that leads me to think…what motivates someone to tell their friends about your business? 

The Client Experience. People are motivated to tell others about you and your business if they’ve been taken care of and given quality service from start to finish. 

Just think, you wouldn’t tell a friend about an average experience you had at a restaurant last weekend. BUT, you would tell a friend if you’re meal AND service (yes, the whole package) was outstanding. 

You see, the client experience is about WAY more than just your product. It’s about all the little things that happen along the way to the finished product. 

That is why I am such a huge believer in finding ways to improve my client experience every year. I want to answer their questions before they know they have them. I want to make them feel valued and heard with simple check-in emails or texts. I want them to feel special with personalized gifts in the mail…

I want them to tell their friends how great it was to work with me. 

So today on the blog, I want to give you three simple ways to improve your client experience so you can increase the number of word of mouth referrals you receive and wow every client who walks through your door. 

#1 – Educate Them

As the professional and expert in the field, it is our job to educate our clients on everything we know about what they’re hiring us for. 

Think about it, you do dozens (maybe hundreds) of sessions a year. You know all the ins and outs of the field or industry you are in. You know how long things take, you know what is stressful for clients, and you know how to be prepared for the unexpected. Instead of keeping this information in your head, share it!

There are several different ways you can educate your clients. I often educate my clients through:

  • Blog posts – these are blogs that I have written on the topic
  • Emails – this is the most common way to send educational info
  • Wedding Guide – this is a branded PDF with information about your company

For content, I source this information from a combination of common questions I receive from previous clients and my years of experience in the field. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your client and then walk through every aspect of the planning process. What would you want to know? What would you be worried about? What information are you having a hard time finding answers on?

Invest in the time to create helpful education and resources for your clients and it will pay off in the long run! 

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#2 – Communicate, Often. 

Communication is key in any relationship, especially one between you and a client. This can be as simple as an email checking in with your client to see how things are going and ask if they have any lingering questions before their session. Or, it can be as detailed as a questionnaire that gathers useful information about their relationship, their family or their timeline for the day-of the session (or wedding). 

No matter how detailed or simple your communication is with your client, it’s important to remain front of mind during the planning process and respond promptly to client questions or concerns.

Remember, it is your job to inform them of everything they need to know to prepare for their session (⬆️ ahem, client education). By proactively passing this information along in a timely manner, you are showing your client the level of organization and professionalism you have as a business owner. Thus, giving them yet another reason to recommend you to friends and family. 

#3 – Be Prepared for the Session 

Now that you have secured your new client, organized the details of their session, shared useful educational emails, and built a relationship with them, it’s time to really shine!

This is the MOST important moment of the client experience (think of it as your entree 😉 It is not just about shooting and delivering amazing photos to your client. In the few hours you spend at a session or on the wedding day, you have the opportunity to blow your clients away and get those oh-so important referrals. 

Don’t underestimate the potential of these critical hours in the client experience. Show them your personality, exude positivity all day, make friends, remember names, and be the amazing professional that you are!

*Hey wedding photographers, don’t be afraid to even bust a move on the dance floor!* 😉

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Now that we’ve reviewed a few simple ways to improve your client experience, I want to close by encouraging you to see the value in creating an amazing client experience for every client who walks through your door. 

Client experience and customer satisfaction are the #1 thing business owners need to be focusing on for success long term! Your client experience is what will set your business apart over and over again from your saturated market. This is what will result in turning clients into raving fans for your business and increased word of mouth referrals.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite ways to provide an amazing client experience? Do you send something special in the mail before their session? Is there something you do at the session that really wow your clients? Tell me in the comments below 👇

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