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Automating Your Social Media Marketing

automating your social media marketing
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Automating your social media marketing with coschedule

As we all know, social media marketing is an essential part of building awareness and growing an online business.

But the problem is, many of us (raising my hand of here!), don’t have time to spend hours a day jumping between social media platforms sending out different posts to our audience.

If you haven’t heard me say this before, I am OBSESSED with a good automation tool that increases productivity in my business. Especially one that gets me out of my super distracting newsfeed and back into work that lets me continue to grow and thrive!

When I discovered CoSchedule, my life in the world of social media completely changed!

Today, I want to share a few tips for using this app to automate your social media scheduling!

#1 – Post Your Blog Posts to Social Media

One of the most important parts of my blog writing workflow is making sure that the post gets published in places where my target audience will see the content that I created for specially with them in mind. So, my first tip here is to make sure social media posts are part of your blog writing workflow every time.

One of the best plugins that WordPress offers on its interface is an integration with CoSchedule. Instead of having to copy and paste into a totally different tab or window, I can save time and stay right there in the WordPress interface. Once I’ve completed the content of the blog, I simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, start a “Social Campaign” and write the social post right there in the blog!

I always share a small snippet of what they can expect to read on the blog and then send them to the full post so they can read all about the topic on the blog that day!

#2 – Post Sneak Peeks of Sessions & Anniversary Posts

One of my absolute favorite ways to use CoSchedule for scheduling social media content is for my wedding couples! After a session, I know that my couples are eager to see all of the amazing photos from their engagement session or wedding.

Something that is important to me as a photographer is sharing a few sneak peeks with them AND with my social media audience. It gets the couple SO excited to see the rest of the pictures and gives the world a taste of the variety of photos I can offer as their wedding photographer. And I mean, who doesn’t love to look at beautiful wedding dresses and rings and flowers!

When I hop into CoSchedule, I can simply pull all of the photos from recent session that I want to share with my photography audience and schedule them throughout the month. It’s that easy. Then, I don’t have to worry that I forgot to share someone’s session or worry about going onto Facebook during the week to post photos. It’s all there in one place!

#3 – Interact with Your Audience & Share Helpful Information (Frequently!)

As an educator and owner of a Facebook group for creatives, it is important that I am not only sharing educational content like blogs posts but that I am interacting with my audience in a more informal, fun way.

One of the ways I do this is through weekly posts to the group where I ask questions about their business, share motivational quotes, give tips for productivity, and encourage everyone to engage with each other. It is a really fun and easy way to get everyone in the group talking to each other and relating on all the different aspects of being a creative business owner.

BUT, instead of going into Facebook every day to schedule each individual post, I use CoSchedule to get it done for a full month in one foul swoop! It turns a task that might take 10 minutes every day of the month into a task that takes 1 hour for the FULL month. It is such a simple, time saving way to engage with your audience and not take too much time away from the other important parts of your business.

Pro Tip: I use the labeling tool in CoSchedule to label each of the posts with a different color for their respective day in the week so I can easily see them when I look at my full calendar view!

CoSchedule is one of my favorite business tools because it helps me automate, save time, engage more effectively with my audiences, and increase productivity in my business.

Social media marketing is essential for success in this technology driven age. So, finding ways to use it in the most efficient way possible will only help you continue to grow and thrive as a small business owner. If you are looking for a new social media scheduling tool, I highly recommend that you take a look at CoSchedule and start saving yourself hours in your business and spending more time doing what you love.

Click here to learn more about CoSchedule!

Until next time,


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