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3 Easy Ways to Use Tailwind for Your Business

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Over the years, Pinterest has become a leader in the world of social media with over 250 million active users monthly*. And of those 250 million users, over 80% are women*. It’s no wonder that a whole slew of apps, courses, and guides have been released to help business owners navigate the in’s and out’s of this platform. What makes Pinterest unique is that it is not a standard social media platform, it’s a marketplace. It allows users to get inspiration, find products they like, and gather information in areas they are interested in.

As a business owner, using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy is a GAME CHANGER.

You can use Pinterest as a platform to sell and promote your products, share information with followers, and get inspiration for your brand at the same time.  

Now, I know many of you already know how useful Pinterest can be both personally and professionally. So today, I want to take it one step further with Pinterest and talk with you about automation (ahh, my favorite!)

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram during a work day because you got sidetracked after posting something for your business? This happens all too often to business owners and takes us away from the work we need to be doing for our own business. That is why it is so important to use scheduling tools for social media. These tools take us out of the feeds and keep us focused on the task at hand.

That is why I started using Tailwind as my automating and scheduling app for Pinterest. Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is my favorite. And when I heard that there was a scheduling tool that also allowed me to connect with a community of like-minded creatives, I was sold! Not only is it a scheduling tool, it also provides useful analytics for gauging pin performance and audience engagement. So today, I want to tell you three easy ways that I have used Tailwind to promote my business on Pinterest.

#1 – Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are one of my favorite features on the platform. In short, tribes are a community of people with similar interests, products, blog posts, recipes, etc who share their posts with other members of the tribe. It is a win-win situation. You share useful content with tribemates who will then go to pass this information along to their audience (hello re-pins!). On the flipside, you have a library of curated content to look through, read, and re-pin for your audience!

Not only that, Tailwind offers a chat option in the tribes so you can thank people for useful content, interact, and ask questions. And, if you aren’t finding a tribe that fits the exact needs of your business, you can create one!

I interact and use my Tailwind Tribes weekly, sharing content with others and finding amazing content to share directly with my audience. And I don’t even have to get distracted by yummy smoothie recipes in my standard feed!

#2 – Smartloops

Holy Smartloops! Best new feature in Tailwind yet! If you are an entrepreneur who is producing your own content and you want it to be visible to your audience frequently, Smartloops are essential. Smartloops loops your content over a determined period of time and posts it into the feeds of your followers. It gives you the opportunity to share content again that someone might have missed while scrolling. It is an automation dream!

I’ve set up my Smartloops to do two things. One to loop content from my blog so that my followers can see, pin and share educational articles about workflows, systems, productivity and general business tips! I also use Smartloops to loop my shop products which in turn helps to generate passive income on all the products I have available for creative entrepreneurs!

Oh hey, no need to go to Pinterest, you can browse the Laura Lee Creative shop HERE!

Laura Lee Creative Shop

And Smartloops don’t just have to be your own original content. You can use Smartloops to loop a category of posts (like recipes or productivity tips) that would be useful for your audience to see and read when they jump onto their feed.

  • Using your content to loop
  • Photos/education
  • Looping categories that your audience is interested in

3# – Scheduling Tool

The scheduling tool is the foundation of what makes Tailwind an amazing program! Tailwind automatically generates the optimal engagement times for posting in your Pinterest feed. It creates spaces for each of those times throughout the day that you can fill with posts from your Tribes, blog posts you find online, or new products you just can’t wait to share with your audience.

With the scheduling tool, you have the ability to simply click the scheduling button on the corner of an image (say a blog post you found) and move it directly into your feed. It is the centerpiece of Tailwind, allowing you to automate and save time on the social media marketing piece of your business. Once you see that you’re queue is getting low on posts, all you need to do is jump into your tribes and look through a library of curated content that is set up and ready to share!

Pinterest is a leader in the world of social media. Successful business owners know and appreciate the importance of using this app to interact with their audience. With millions of interested people using the app every month, it would be silly not to take advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer. And with apps like Tailwind out there, it is now easier than ever to streamline and automate your time in Pinterest.

To try Tailwind for free today, CLICK HERE.

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and I would love if you decided to use them. Affiliate links + referrals programs help educators like me to fund the free content that we provide on our blogs.

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