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How to Educate Your Clients – Mastering the Client Experience Part #3

How to Educate Your Clients
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How to Educate Your Clients

In part one and two of Mastering the Client Experience, we discussed calling your inquiries and creating questionnaires to gather helpful information about your clients during the planning process. In part three, I want to discuss client education.

Providing useful and timely education to your clients is an essential component of creating an exceptional client experience. As the professional and expert in the field, it is our job to educate our clients on everything we know about what they’re hiring us for. This does two things, it builds confidence and trust in you AND creates less stress for them during the planning process. It showcases you as the professional and often goes above and beyond what your clients are expecting from you after booking.

Think about it, you do dozens (maybe hundreds) of sessions a year. You know all the ins and outs of the field or industry you are in. You know how long things take, you know what is stressful for clients, and you know how to be prepared for the unexpected. Instead of keeping this information in your head, share it!

Educating your clients on the front end sets you AND your clients up for success on the day of their session.

There are several different avenues you can use to educate your clients. I often educate my clients through:

  • Blog posts – these are blogs that I have written on the topic
  • Emails – this is the most common way to send educational info
  • Wedding Guide – this is a branded PDF with information about your company

For content, I source this information from a combination of common questions I receive from previous clients and my years of experience in the field. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your client and then walk through every aspect of the planning process. What would you want to know? What would you be worried about? What information are you having a hard time finding answers on?

There are several emails I send to my wedding clients during the onboarding and early stages of working together to build trust and confidence in my process. Here is an example of a few of the BIG ones. 

Vendor Recommendations

I know that wedding planning can be SERIOUSLY overwhelming. There are so many options – the wedding market is saturated, to say the least. That is why I send a list of recommendations based on my experience working with some amazing vendors in the industry. I want to take the overwhelm out of my client’s planning process and help them by recommending my trusted vendors. This also lets me share the love with industry friends and hopefully build their business in the process!

What’s Next After Booking

I love to send this email to my couples so that they feel really at ease and confident that everything is under control and in my court and on my radar. In this email, I talk about what they should expect in during our time working together!

What to Think About in the Coming Months

This email goes hand in hand with the vendor recommendations. In this email, I talk about the things that my couple may not realize they should be thinking about like, the timing on the wedding day, their engagement session, wedding exits and so much more. In this email, I am giving them useful information and talking points to discuss with other vendors or with their family as they go through the planning process.

The Wedding Timeline

As a photographer, I believe I need to have the most control of the timeline of any vendor.  We need to make sure that EVERYONE is coordinated, with enough time to get the couple all the pictures they dream of! When I started my business, I used to run into a lot of issues on the wedding day regarding the couple’s timeline! I wasn’t being proactive with education about this, So, after one too many issues, I finally decided it was time to educate my couples on how much time I need for certain sections of the wedding day!

So, this email contains a link to an evergreen blog post about creating the wedding day timeline which explains how much time I need for portraits, for family formals, for the wedding party, etc. Since sending this over, I’ve had very minimal problems with wedding day timelines being too crammed!

This one can apply to many creative industries. Timelines are a critical part of planning for any session or product delivery. Communicate with your clients about what information you need to do your job and deliver the best possible product.

No matter what creative industry you are in, creating a client experience must be an essential part of your product. Not only does it keep your clients happy while they are working with you, but it incentivizes them to talk about their experience working with you after all your communication with them has ended. Invest the time and energy into calling your inquiries, building questionnaires, sending educational emails, and I promise you will see the return in happy clients and more business!

Are you ready to start sending client education emails TODAY, head over to the Laura Lee Creative Shop to purchase my Client Education Email Templates for just $97!  

This bundle of emails will create less work for you answering emails, make your clients feel comfortable and confident in you, and best of all it will take your client experience to the next level. 

Included: 15 Email Templates for Client Education

Client education emails for photographers

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