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The New App I Use Every Single Day for Excellent Productivity

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The New App I Use Every Day for Productivity

If you’ve ever met me in person you know I absolutely LOVEEEEE apps. I counted the other day and realized I have 30 apps on my phone that I use for business. (Thank god I got the phone with the biggest amount of storage) I also love Google Chrome plugins and extensions. There are so many great free ones out there!

Today I want to share my new favorite with you!

The Multitimer App

Have you ever had 5 things going on at once that you were doing and you just didn’t have enough timers to keep track of them all? Like today for example, I had laundry going, hard boiled eggs being made, I was trying to write this newsletter and needed to remind myself to drink water. ( I have a seriousssss problem with not drinking enough water).

Well, ever since I got the app, all of the problems such as my clothes shrinking in the drier, me being dehydrated at all times, overcooking my eggs and getting distracted to social media while I write have been solved.  This app (the free version!) allows you to have 6 timers going at once.  You can set them to all different colors and different amounts of time with different titles and different alarm sounds so you know which is going off!

The timers I have on here permanently are as follows:

Drink Water -every 10 minutes this goes off (it sounds like a waterfall!)
Rest – 30 seconds (this is for my workout circuits)
Workout circuit– 7 minutes (I do 4 seven minute circuits for each workout)
Meditation– 5 minutes (I wake up in the morning to silence)
Write blog or newsletter– 20 minutes (I used to have it to 30 and it normally takes about 12-15 minutes but incase it’s extra long!)
Emails– 30 minutes (I use the Email game chrome plugin and check emails twice a day for 30 minutes at a time and try to beat the clock!)

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I use certain timers for duplicate things of the same amount of time so I don’t have to buy the paid version so I’ll set my 20 minute timer for reading in the morning or at night, my 30 second timer for doing planks during my workout, etc.

And the beauty of this is you can have all of them going at once!

I can’t recommend this app any more highly- so head over to your app store and get this baby on your phone! Plus– it’s super fun to try and beat the clock all the time!

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