Bite-Sized Coaching for Not-So-Bite-Sized Ideas

If they gave out awards for great ideas, you’d have an entire Hogwarts Trophy Room full of’ em. But for some reason... you're stuck. Maybe you’re not sure how all your ideas fit together into one intentional business model, or maybe you just don’t know what direction to go first. You’re stuck in an endless loop of doubt, confusion, and frustration and it quite frankly sucks.

90 Minute Clarity Coaching Calls for Small Business Owners

Real talk:

In order to move forward to achieve your goals and bring your big dreams to life, you need clarity, confidence, and a purposeful action plan. Otherwise? You’re bound to keep spinning your wheels, getting caught up in the comparison game, and not living up to your potential. And I REALLY don’t want that for you.

My 90-minute clarity calls are the perfect blend of dreaming big, strategic action plans, motivation, and purposeful coaching to help you level up, make a bigger impact, and get clear on the vision and direction your business is heading. Does this sound like what you need?

You don't have to do it alone.

Hi! I'm Laura– your new BFF and Creative Coach, armed and ready with a pile of half drank coffee cups, ready to help you realize and live up to your potential. 

My clients say that my coaching is like "dreaming big and strategic action planning had a baby" and I kinda love that, because I truly believe to live your best, most fulfilled life, you need to not just chase your big, bold dreams, but you need to actually have a roadmap to make those dreams come to life.

And without clarity on what that roadmap even looks like? Well - that’s like walking through a maze with a blindfold on.

My superpower is connecting the dots between and all of your passions and ideas and threading them together into a business direction, plan, and strategy that makes sense for YOU. I.e.: I’ll help you lift the blindfold off so you can see the true potential of your ideas while bringing them all under one cohesive and clear vision for your business.

-Jordan jones

"As an outward processor, being able to talk to Laura through the dozens of ideas in my head with intentionality was priceless.  For MONTHS I've been avoiding decisions that could move by business forward because I didn't know how my ideas all fit together.  On our call, I was blessed with Laura's magical ability to see both the big vision for my ideas and the little details of how to make them all come to life.  I'm so grateful for this renewed sense of purpose and direction in my business."

- Renée Nicolo

"Laura helped me to put my mission into words this year, which has resulted in such clarity in my business! This looks like knowing the WHY behind every business decision, HOW I will actually bring my mission to life, and WHAT I need to do to accomplish my mission. Having this clarity changes EVERY part of what I do with my time, resources, offerings, etc. My business is in alignment and my mission allows me to focus on what truly matters most: the things that light my soul on fire and serve people well! "

My coaching superpowers include...

Motivation and helping you realize your own, limitless potential.

Connecting the dots between all your ideas in a way that allows you to move towards your goals with clarity.

Creative solutions and step-by-step action plans mapped out to accomplish your wildest dreams with less resistance.

Seeing your big vision AND the tiny details of how it can become a reality.

Helping you realize and work towards YOUR definition of success -not what society makes you believe you need to do.

Creating a sustainable business that gives you freedom and doesn't require sacrificing your personal life.

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When you finally have clarity, it's straight up magic.

When your business vision becomes crystal clear, everything falls into place.  It's like finding the missing puzzle piece under your living room coffee table–  it's just AMAZING.

When you have clarity, you'll find that your posts on social media become easier to write and have more engagement.  You'll feel more fulfilled on a daily basis. You'll find freedom from the comparison game because you're no longer worried about what she's doing because you'll be so lit up about what you're doing. You'll have more joy in your day-to-day. And inevitably more success in your business.

Your 90-minute Clarity Call with me includes...

Pre-call prep and an in-depth questionnaire of anything you'd like me to review before the call

A 90-minute Zoom call 1-on-1 with me where we'll combine coaching, strategy, action planning and deep soul work to help you find a clear direction in your business

Post-call follow up with a customized strategy of next steps to move forward in an actionable way

Your recording of the call to reference 

A-ha moments when you realize how all  your ideas can actually fit together so you can confidently move forward with intention and purpose.






-tara lynn

"Laura’s superpower is her ability to listen to you and almost instantly come up with an actionable plan WITH you. She sees your potential even when you might not realize it just yet. It amazes me that she can take any industry whether it be one she’s familiar with or not and say “here’s what you need to do...and even better here's how”. She instigates you to dream big, then she walks you through the process of making it happen and motivating you to make those big dreams a reality."

-Britt and kelsey

""None of the exciting progress we've made this year would have happened without you. We LOVED how we felt after our call — motivated, excited and like a fire was lit within ourselves for our business goals - every one has been SO transformational. Seriously Laura - working with you has literally been one of the absolute best decisions we've made as business owners. We've moved barriers out of the way that will allow us to continue expanding Launch Your Daydream in ways we've never believed possible."

First things first: I wanna hear your big ideas and crazy dreams, because I want to get excited about all the potential that lies ahead of you!  Reading through applications is SO fun for me, and it gives you the chance to really dream big and set the stage for what's to come.

After I review your application, unless you have questions, I'll send you a proposal and then have you send anything over that you'd like me to review prior to our call - your website, pricing, content strategy, goals etc. to make sure I'm prepared and you get the most out of our time together!

After you've signed your contract, and sent things over, you get to spill your heart out into your clarity call  questionnaire. This will be the foundation for everything we do on our call and is amazing tool to help you define and get clarity around YOUR definition of success.

After you've completed your questionnaire, you'll schedule your 90 minute call! On this call we'll take all your big ideas, and make an action plan for how to make them all happen- but more importantly, you'll leave this call with clarity on your next steps forward, excited and motivated for what's to come!

Ideas and big dreams are great... but they're really nothing without a plan, prioritized action items, and deadlines.  After your 90-minute call, you'll receive a list of action items and a custom strategy to help you show up with a renewed sense of purpose and intention in your business.

This is the best part.  Complete awe from my clients when they finally see how all their ideas and goals and dreams fit together and how they can come to life.  It's amazing for you AND for me to have these a-ha moments, because they're a catalyst for all the limitless potential that awaits you.

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90 Minute Clarity Calls are a $595 investment that can be made in two payments and will be the absolute best decision you've made for your business all year.

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-britt and kelsey, launch your daydream

“If you're On the fence, let us just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”