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Calling Your Inquiries – Mastering the Client Experience Part 1

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Calling Your Inquiries - Mastering the Client Experiene

One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking to increase booking rates or attract new clients is understanding and mastering the client experience. The client experience should be one of the cornerstones of your creative business. We are in an age where frequent and fast communication is not just desired by clients, it is required. As the “service” providers or product creators, it is our job to understand all of the key components of an exceptional client experience in order to grow our businesses and keep our clients happy from beginning to end!


Because of this, I’ve created a 3-part blog series called Mastering the Client Experience, giving you a peek at some of my favorite tips and tricks!  Today, I want to talk about the client experience BEFORE they book. You’ve received a new inquiry – YAY! – now it is time to position yourself and your brand strategically, explaining to this future client exactly why they should book with you!


And it all starts with a 3-minute phone call…


I’ve heard from countless photographers and creatives that they’re doing everything they can to book clients but their emails are getting ghosted.


When I ask if they’re calling inquiries they say something like:

“No way! I hate calling people!”

“That feels way too scary for me.”

“I don’t do the phone.”

“What would I even say? I’d sound like a blubbering idiot!”

And what I want to say is “YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH BUSINESS.”


Every single time I’ve called an inquiry when it came through, I, at the very least, got them into a meeting where I have a very very high booking rate.  But when I don’t call? I’m just like many other photographers or creatives who get ghosted on emails. And it SUCKS.


Calling your inquiries is NOT cold calling. They have already reached out to you and want to hear from you!


This phone call is nothing more than a quick 1-2 minute conversation (most of the time!) to let them know that you got their inquiry, you’re SO excited to chat more with them and that you’re available for their date, That’s it!  


Then, as you are ending the call, simply let them know what to expect next from you. An email with two things:


  1. The investment guide.
  2. A link to schedule a meeting or consultation video chat.


No matter how wonderfully worded or designed your inquiry emails are, a phone call will set a bigger (and better!) impression every time.


Phone calls are more personal. They set the stage for your client experience moving forward by building trust in you and your professionalism. They also tell your future client that you are serious about their business and want to create the best possible experience for them moving forward.


I know, that’s a lot of benefits from one 3-minute phone call!


So, next time a new inquiry comes through, pick up the phone and call. Don’t overthink it. Just be yourself and write down the three objectives you want to accomplish:

  1. You are excited
  2. You are available
  3. What to they should expect next 


In the next post in the series, we will move into the client experience AFTER booking. I will be talking about questionnaires and how they can improve your relationship with your clients, build trust, and set the stage for an incredible client experience before you even meet them in person. 

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