I’m here to help turn all that overwhelm into organization and help you can build a business and life that you love.

hello my friend! I'm Laura!

Tell me, which one of these sounds like you?

1. You're overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid, and maybe still at your 9-5 job, hustling to make this dream a reality, struggling to find the time to do so. And, quite frankly, you could use a nap.

2. Your business is flourishing. So much in fact that your calendar is fully booked, and now the only thing that would make life better is if you had a second you.

I want in!

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The wedding photographers playbook

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Signature course: photography workflow mastery

This course covers every part of your workflow and system as a wedding OR portrait photographer from inquiry beyond delivery of your client's galleries. You'll cut your work time in half, feel more organized than ever, deliver a luxury client experience that has clients raving, and finally find work life harmony.

If you answered #1, this might sound familiar. AND! Here's your best next steps

This is the complete guide with both PDF & Video Modules to post production for weddings photographers. Students average a savings of 20-30 hours shaved off their production time for culling, editing, blogging and delivering galleries!! If you want to stop being chained to your desk after weddings, this is your golden ticket. Over 100 student success stories!!

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You're getting so stuck in the day to day tasks that you need to do to keep your business afloat that you can't even think about putting systems in place to help streamline things and help you GROW your business. 

Be on social media, have an active blog, book dream clients, run a household, put food on the table, make time for your family and friends, and still get some sleep once in a while. And it. is. exhausting.  

I get it and I've been there, and I'm so glad to say I can help you streamline and simplify your systems so that you can do the day to tasks efficiently, serve your clients well, and still have a thriving life.

You're burnt out, trying to do all the things and do them well. 

Heck, you've gotta get clients in the doors AND...

It kinda saved my wedding, girl. Literally almost called it off and wanted to drive to the courthouse. I was bogged down with late photography work and overdue emails to clients..... so I hadn’t even booked my own wedding vendors or even replied back to my coordinator who had emailed 3 months ago. I was just “done” and knew something had to go and I couldn’t quit my day job or photography due to all my bookings.... and school was already paid for.... three weeks ago there was nothing but anxiety attacks. Today I jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to start my day. So please..... if you have any more courses up your sleeve..... keep going!!!! I mean.... just module 1 alone.... that to me was worth every penny of the full course!
- Laura Elizabeth

here's what they're saying...

I would deliver galleries in 4-7 weeks but now it is about one week! I wish I had learned these as I was learning to take photographs. The Playbook saved me 10 - 30 hours of work a week. The Playbook helped me to know what to do to get things done on time and not work more than I need to. Letting me know when I can stop for the day and when I should send emails is amazing! I love how organized it is to help me stay on top of things and keep me organized.
-Jazmyn Perkins-Hardy

here's what they're saying...

Holy smokes! This stuff is golden.  This week, I finished my blog posts for this week, all my social media posts, delivered a gallery, culled two weddings and got set up with Tailwind for Pinterest for a whole month. I feel so energized and excited about 2019 because I'm getting my business all organized the rest of 2018.
- Karen S

here's what they're saying...

"If you’re thinking of purchasing Laura’s playbook, do it. Within weeks of purchasing The Playbook, I have already culled, edited and delivered three weddings and I felt more prepared than ever for the fourth! This amazing guide helps you get organized EASILY and step-by-step instruction with visuals are available to help you if you get stuck! However, the biggest A++ for me is that Laura emailed me back within MINUTES when I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply due to similar experiences with other educators in the past. Bite that bullet and get your life back!"
- Taylor Barron 

here's what they're saying...

Finally spent all day yesterday over-hauling my workflow organization. I entered all of the steps into Honey Book + created workflows, applied them to all current projects (14 weddings + other sessions) and I've gotten more done in the last 3 hours checking off my "98 Tasks Due Today" than I have in weeks. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU LAURA. This is only the beginning of not struggling anymore. 
- Gina Emmer

here's what they're saying...

I shot a wedding two weekends ago and, thanks to the playbook, had it blogged and edited in four days, which is a HUGE improvement for me! (It was more like four WEEKS before, not even counting blogging.) Thank you, thank you, this is seriously a life saver and I'm recommending it to everyone!
- Anna Markley

here's what they're saying...

6 call minimum required

one on one long term coaching

half day sessions beginning at $1500

one on one
mentoring session

a la carte options beginning at $350

done for your workflow creation and implementation into your crm

Need your workflows and systems designed and implemented for you? This service includes custom designed workflows for the different services you offer that will be put into your CRM for you so that your workflow, and task management is all set up and ready to go!  This service will be customized based off of a questionnaire you will fill out upon beginning the project, as well as a kick off call where I'll take tons of notes!

If you answered #2, this might sound familiar + here's your best next steps

This is a custom 4 or 8 hour mentoring intensive for your business where we can talk about any subject under the umbrella of workflow and systems. Common topics include: task management, client systems, time management, productivity, focus, overcoming distractions, managing your schedule, taking control of your inbox, client on-boarding, goal setting, etc.  Best if you have one topic you want to nail down and figure out!

This is best if you've got lots of different areas in your business you'd like to improve (beyond just workflows!) You can use this time to go over anything you want: goals, wins, struggles, questions, setting up your schedule, task management, time management, productivity tips, workflow help, general business help, marketing, getting clients etc.  We will have a take action checklist at the end of each call so you know what to work on for the upcoming month.

You've got clients knocking on your door, and they're booking.  YAY YOU! Do you know how amazing that is?!? But you also know, that at this speed, you're destined for burnout if you don't get workflows and systems in place.  AND STAT.  I know from experience.  In 2016 I shot 28 weddings and I am grateful every day that I put systems in place before my that season. In 2015 I hit burnout after 15 weddings and my client experience AND my personal life struggled because of it.  

I didn't make time for the people who were important to me, and as a result, I was miserable, and fell out of love with my business that I had worked so hard for. Trust me, I know how grateful you are for the success your business is having, but I know you know there has to be a better way. I can help you find it. My done for you services might just be the perfect fit to get your workflows and systems IMPLEMENTED into your CRM, with email templates, questionnaires, and every step laid out and done for you so you don't have to lift a finger.

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Last Spring I made a price jump and I had crickets for 6 long months with no bookings. Then I started working with Laura. Those 5 months of worry and cries that I wasn't good enough for the clients I wanted and the price I knew I was worth, turned into a fully booked calendar within less than 4 months. And the best part, I made a $500 price jump in the midst of it and they still kept coming and booking! I went from 1 wedding booked for 2019 in June to 17 booked by the end of November implementing what she taught me!!!

-Sara Fitzpatrick

here's what they're saying...

The knowledge, passion, and expertise that Laura has in incomparable, and I'm beyond grateful to have her as my mentor and business coach! There aren't enough words to describe how Laura has empowered me to be a better business owner, but I hope this will do! Her desire for others to live a fulfilling life that does not require a 40+ hour work week in front of a computer screen has given me so much freedom both personally and professionally! Her systems work and are changing lives - I know this because I've already seen such an improvement in myself over the past few weeks! My clients are having a wonderful experience with me, while I get to spend more time with my family and friends! It is possible to live more and work less, and Laura has given me the tools to do so! 
- Renee Nicolo

here's what they're saying...

I hired Laura to help me create a workflow and to put all the pieces into Honeybook for me. One word. Amazing. She is literally a genius. I had my own little system going for a while (Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Waveapps, Echosign etc.) and having her implement everything for me was a complete lifesaver. She helped me gain so much time back. I love her to pieces and I'm so happy with everything she has done for my business. I recommend her to everyone.  
-Kim Lyn Chauvin

here's what they're saying...

As a processes & systems person myself, we had workflows in place at our studio, but no efficient method for checking things off the list and implementing them. After just a few hours working with Laura and my studio manager, we had built out a robust workflow in our CRM that gives us a daily play by play of the tasks that need to be done in order to run an incredibly efficient studio.  Our studio will be managing over 60 weddings, dozens of portraits, and a smattering of commercial jobs, yet I have the time to take monthly trips, hang out with my husband & dogs, and prioritize self-care above all else. I can't see any reason why a photographer wouldn't benefit from working with Laura on workflow. 
- Ashley Gerrity

here's what they're saying...

Simply put, Laura is a workflow genius! Laura implemented my client workflow into Honeybook, and even helped me to make some adjustments to my workflow along the way. Before working with Laura I didn't have a streamlined way to keep track of where all of my clients were in their workflows, so I had lots of post it notes, and mental notes about where everything stood, and it was hard to keep track! Now that I have this incredibly thorough workflow implemented for all my clients, I can quickly and easily reference and keep track of all my clients' workflows, without taking up all the extra brain space of trying to remember it all. Not only has this saved me mental space, but it's also helped to improve my client experience and make it more consistent for every client by having all the steps of my workflow outlined and timed within Honeybook. 
- Jennifer Larsen

here's what they're saying...