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Email Templates for Photographers 

110 Email Templates You Need to Send From Inquiry through Anniversary 


Are you ready to get out of your inbox AND take your client communication to the next level?

I thought so.

Photography Workflow Mastery is designed to help you streamline your business and save HOURS on the maintenance end of your business. And it's going to do just that.  

But the Email Templates for Photographers Course is made to take that workflow mastery to the next level and AUTOMATE every single piece of it and save you EVEN MORE TIME while blowing your clients away with your communication.  

Get ALL the email templates I send for wedding photography clients, engagement and/or portrait clients, and wedding album projects that I spent over 200 hours writing so you don't have to.

Yep, stop staring at blank emails or trying to copy and paste what you wrote last month and start resting easy knowing everything is written well and full of all the right info.

What you’ll get…

  • 95 Email Templates for your workflow done and ready for you to pop right into your CRM so you can get started blowing your clients away with your communication immediately. ($950 value)

A.K.A. Everything you’ll need to communicate with:

  • Wedding Photography Clients
  • Engagement or Portrait Clients
  • Wedding Album Clients
  • Wedding Vendors
  • Family Members of Clients
  • Wedding Party Members

  • ONE Video Tutorial - to show you exactly how to input the email templates into the CRM I use, HoneyBook so these templates aren't just in a word doc, they're AUTOMATED in your workflow so you never have to manually think about what email to send EVER again.
  • 15 Client Education Emails - This course isn’t just about email templates, it's about being PROACTIVE in your business and informing and empowering your clients with education that will give them an experience above and beyond what they ever dreamed of. ($150-value)





When I first started my photography business, I couldn’t handle the amount of work coming in and instead of wowing all of my incredible clients with an exceptional experience they deserved, I fell into the “average experience” category. The category that isn’t really worth talking about.  

Despite working around the clock (what felt like 24/7), I was stilllllll not giving my clients an experience worth talking about. Not to mention, I was drowning in to-dos and it felt like there was no end in sight.

Today, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did…  

Mistakes like:  

  • Not being consistent across all clients. (EVERYONE deserves the same exceptional experience.)
  • Not automating things. (I wasted so much time writing and re-writing my to-dos and my emails for all of my clients, all the time.)
  • Not communicating with my clients, enough (This resulted in, again, an average experience… and lot’s of questions in my inbox!)
  • Having no client education (Which resulted in mishaps happening on the wedding day with the timeline, family formals, hair and makeup scheduling, and so much more.) 

But the BIGGEST mistake and time suck of all?

Not having email templates.

Oh my goodness, I can’t begin to explain how much time I wasted going into my sent box, searching for emails I sent past clients, copying and pasting them, and then tweaking them for the client I was emailing.  

Do you know how many emails I send my clients throughout their workflow?  

55. Minimum. And if they get an album, it’s more like 65.  

And then there’s the emails to vendors. Add 3-4 more.  

And then the emails that aren’t even in a workflow (like when I’m unavailable for a wedding.)  

Truth is, there’s just a lot of emails. Imagine the time I wasted sending approximately 50 emails to each client (x25 clients a year). That’s 1,250 emails that I was sending manually + copying and pasting and searching in my sent box for.  

YIKES. I don’t want you to waste your time doing that.

Because at just 3 minutes per email to search, copy, paste, tweak and find their email addresses, that’s 62.5 hours a year wasted. WHAT?! 

I wanted to make this a no brainer for you and give you the opportunity to purchase my email templates.  

In the email templates course, you get access to 110 of my email templates for wedding clients, portrait or engagement clients, and wedding album clients. AND all the vendor communication I send for wedding clients.  

You'll get 110 email templates for $247. That makes these email templates just LESS than $2.50 each. I almost can't believe it myself.  

I guarantee this is going to save you HOURS UPON HOURS UPON HOURS of your life.  

Click below to purchase 110 email templates for your photography business and start saving time IMMEDIATELY!

Pop them into your CRM and BAM! You just saved at least 62.5 hours this year. Go on vacation. ;)  

Here’s to less work and more life (and working way, way, smarter.)