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Steph of Tone Media – Fireside Retreat Team Feature

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I am so unbelievably grateful for friends and creative peers like Steph from Tone Media! When I thought about documenting and recording the retreat, Steph was the first person who came to mind. Her work is breathtaking! She is able to take all the small, special moments and string them together to create a beautiful, moving final product.  


Steph and her husband, Justin run Tone Media which is a wedding and brand videography team! I have been blown away by her talent watching dozens of her wedding videos, and had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends about 2 years ago when she came to her first Tuesdays Together meeting!! She came from an interior design background like me, and just because of her radiant positivity I knew we’d be friends! If you are not familiar with Steph and her husband’s work you have to head over to their website and watch some of their featured videos. Don’t forget your tissues 😉


I asked Steph if she’d be interested in doing the video for the retreat and when I got her email back saying YES, I couldn’t freakin’ WAIT for the week to come that she would capture all of the incredible moments as they unfolded. She was there filming bits and pieces of my talks, our hike, the fire and s’more making, the guest speakers, the friendships being made, the sunrise yoga, and the incredible venue we called home for the week.  I got to see tidbits of her drone footage and I just about died.


While we were eating dinner one night, she pulled nearly all the girls to the side to do video testimonials and when we went to bed that night she said: “Laura, you are going to bawl your eyes out when you watch this.”


Needless to say, I was a puddle of tears listening to what my amazing attendees had to say about their experience and the transformations that were already taking place in just a few days time.  I cried and cried and cried some more watching this video because to me, this was two years of dreaming, planning and scheming for this incredible retreat to happen.


There are no words that can accurately express what this video and these testimonials mean to me. I can’t possibly attempt to put into words what this retreat, in GENERAL, meant to me, and can’t explain how incredible it was… but this unbelievable video might just do the trick.  If you have 3 minutes to spare today, I hope you’ll watch this video and feel all the feels with me!


Steph, thank you so unbelievably much for being part of the team that made my dream possible.  I am so grateful for you and I am just blown away by your talent. This video means everything to me and I will cherish it forever.  You’re amazing – thank you for taking my dream, documenting and bringing it to vibrant life, and allowing me to relive the moments over and over.  I can’t say thank you enough!!!!!


To see more of Steph and her husband’s incredible work, head here!!