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Rosemary Green Photography – 2018 Fireside Retreat Team Feature

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While I can’t pinpoint the exact day we met and became friends, what I can tell you is that Rosemary and I have been colleagues and friends for at least 3 years now, and I am so grateful that we get to photograph weddings together often and celebrate and share so many dreams and life moments together! She has become such a close friend and confidant over the last few years, and when the retreat planning was underway, I reached out and asked if she’d be interested in photographing and attending it.  


A few years ago, I mentored Rosemary on workflows and she was one of the first people to go through my custom workflow sessions.  I always hated hearing how much of her life was flashing by without her getting to enjoy it. Every time I saw her she was sleep deprived, burnt out, and ready for a vacation.  I desperately wanted to wave a magic wand to change all of that for her so she could have more time with her husband, Nate, and more time with her puppies, practicing yoga, and just enjoying her business and running IT instead of her business running HER.  I always felt like this content was MADE for her and she was a dream attendee, but I also ADORE her pictures and knew she’d be the perfect person to capture my vision.


So, when she happily accepted my ask for her to be the retreat photographer, I was SO overjoyed.  Not only would she be able to attend and embrace all the content, but she’d be the one to document it perfectly.  We shoot weddings together about 10 times a year, and she has always blown me away with her talent, and now I got to be the recipient!!


And let me tell you – she knocked it out of the park! She sent me her favorites gallery soon after the retreat was over and I just cried going through her pictures, which all allowed me to relive this incredible week!


Rosemary, thank you for being a friend and for donating your talent, time and heart to bring my dream to life through your incredible photographs.  I’m so incredibly grateful for you!


Here are a few of her favorites from The Fireside Retreat, my first annual (although we might need to make it semi-annual) retreat for creative women in business where adventure, community and business meet.  It truly was one of the most magical weeks of my life, and I’m grateful for the incredible team I had supporting me to make it happen!

If you want to see more of Rosemary’s photography work, check out her website here!


Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing your incredible gifts and friendship with me!! I am eternally grateful you were an integral part of this first retreat!